This website is different than most. It is an informative website that provides fishing information to the public at no charge. There is one way communication, from me to you. If you have any questions or would like me to explore a situation, email me This website has been hacked 4 times, still has managed to survive. At one point the site was getting over 10,000 unique visitors a day from all over the world; you could visit the site 10 times a day, but it would only count as one visit. Here is a brief explanation of the Forums:


News of interest for everyone. A News in Capsule Daily forum allows you to keep abreast of buisiness news around the world in 3 to 5 minutes or less.


Fishing reports from the Keys, and anywhere we can secure info from. The effect of politics on fishing from New England thru the Gulf of Mexico, openings, closures, federal meetings, etc.


You may see information here that the general public may not read for days or weeks. Example, the sale of the SKA from the Holmes; to NBOA. The article "What Lies Ahead" that was printed by the new owners that could only be read in the Angler Magazine, etc. Announcement of the Single Engine Class as a new boat division in 2015 and when the Tournament Committee of the Onslow Bay Open KMT voted to approve and have an SEC in 2014.


When you were sending me your info on buying and selling, this forum got remarkable results for fishing related items, boats/motors, etc.


This Forum has many "how to" articles, not fads or opinions, but proven tactics used to catch fish and updated on an "as needed" basis. From Spanish Mackerel to King Mackerel, beginners to experts, it's all here. Invest some time, try absorbing one article a day until you get thru all the pages. The Editor of Saltwater Sportsman magazine called and asked if I proof read the February 2004 article. I did and made a few changes. His comment could not be forgotten, "there are a lot of secrets here, just wanted your permission to print the entire writings of Joel Arrington". Then added,"in my 24 years in this business, this is the best "how to" article we have ever printed." My response "how are fishermen going to learn how to catch big fish if no one helps them".They were back the next year and did another article.

Swap fishing, sell marine related products information, fishing reports, SKA tournament results, marine industry news, and in the Library, rigging tactics, bait pens, live wells and GPS coordinates. Free, however we do ask that you support our Sponsors who make it all possible... If you don’t see it in the Library, ask for it in the Forums.